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New website updates and reminders!
rezdo 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 26th Jul 2013
Hey everyone as you see this is the new birds of war website and i just wanted to make you aware of some things. Throughout the next few hours/days the site may be slow or glitchy or just out of wack. This just means i am doing construction to the site and you just have to refresh the page! There will be a lot of things to add and take away so more than likely i will do more maintenance this week than any other week. Every once in a while i will do a major update and change the theme, fonts, pictures, layout. Pretty much everything so i will put the site on down mode where only i can access it. Once that maintenance is done the site will be back up. Before i do a major update i will make sure i put a notice out ahead of time so you guys can all see whats going down. I also may give hints to what the updates may look like but i wont give everything out obviously! I also didnt know if you guys took notice but on almost every page at the top there are clash of clan troops characters which once in awhile will get changed around too to freshen things up. Now that the update segment is out of the way there is something i need you guys to do. When you guys join you are technically accepted into the website but to fully abide by the rules you need to go to the members section at the top and click on the "Join us!" button this will take you to a page with rules listed and if you accept them press apply. Once you hit apply at some point i will accept you into the database. This means you are fully part of the clan now and not just a site feeder. WARNING: If you do not click the join us button and apply within a week of registration you will be deleted/banned from this site. DO NOT TEMPT ME. Thank you! ~Rezdo

26th Jul 2013 rezdo
As i stated in the news post that to accept the rules you need to go to the members option up above, scroll over it and it will drop into a list. Once it is in the list click the join us button they way i know you accept all the rules listed and are officially in the site
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