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Clash of Clans Update Releases!
rezdo 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 28th Jul 2013
Pretty super stuff has been released on Supercell's website about the next update for clash of clans! Lets get straight into it... Recently they started a forum called "Sneak Peeks" which they would update posting a new sneak peek every day. Finally most if not all sneak peeks have been posted and i am here to share them with you!

 The first "sneak peek" they released is the ability to share attack raids and defense raids with your clan mates. This allows you to share strategies among your team! Here is the picture they released proving this true!

The second "sneak peek" they posted allows you to be on top in the leader board by how many attacks you won compared to defenses you won. Personally this one kind of confuses me but here is the picture they added along with this.

The third thing they released to their public audience is a mute button which tells me that if people get on your nerves or start annoying the daylights out of you.. Well now you will be able to mute them! Here is the simple pic they released...

Ever wondered what taking explosions to the next level looked like? Well now you will as they announced that there will be a wall breaker level 6 released allowing a bigger boom and more destruction! Here what the picture shows...

The next release they are coming out with is a dark barracks level 5 that will unleash a new troop that you will find out here shortly. It looks cooler, better, and even scarier! Check it out!

Lastly what we have all been waiting for! A new troop to enter the world of the clashers! Yes its scary, its bigger, its badder than anything we have seen before! Yes it is the witch! Apparently this witch is suppose to raise your fallen troops from the dead. Oh this is exciting! See what it looks like in this picture!

That is it for news today i hope you enjoyed it see the original post here! >>>  http://forum.supercell.net/sho ... ak-Peeks%21%21%21%21

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